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Businesss Consultancy Services

Strategy Evaluation

We help clients make data-based strategic decisions through a structured collaborative path. We work through defining the corporate vision and then crafting a path to achievement of that which addresses market, financial and organisational objectives.

Value Drivers

Understanding just what is driving the creation of value in an organisation is crucial to ensuring that the strategy focuses on opportunities which will increase the enterprise value. We apply a systematic, data-driven approach to this process which delivers a factual basis for prioritising strategic initiatives.

Change Management

Business seeking sustained improvements need to plan for and embed change programs into their operations. A key indicator of success in organisations that achieve ongoing improvement is prioritising the building of key competence alongside the definition of the business improvements.

We help organisations to define and implement plans that will deliver this capability. We work with your team to deliver processes, build skills and ensure that your people are better able to support organisational change.

Operational Effectiveness

We understand that the effective execution of management plans is core to business performance. Focusing on what matters, developing programs capable of implementation and seeking ways to achieve ongoing operational improvements. We have worked with clients across many industries developing tools to evaluate operations, prioritise opportunities and focus on bottom line improvements. The scope of our works has covered credit risk management in banks, inventory management in industrial companies, productivity in airlines oil companies and customer discovery in financial services.

We help by ensuring that cost reduction is achieved without compromising the core capabilities of the company using a systematic process that enables the organisation to think differently about their operations.

Growth Planning

Growth is an imperative for most organisations. Whether the opportunities are organically developed or secured through partnerships or acquisition we arable to assist management in evaluating these opportunities. Our experience in mergers and acquisitions, international expansion and growth companies allows us to undertake roles from being sounding boards to CEOs, coaching senior managers and planning and assisting with the execution of transactions.